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T&E transformation: why the single platform will disappear

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The need for a smooth traveler journey and an effortless user experience within travel and expense is stronger than ever. Combined with that, the ask for simplification comes from the digitalisation perspective and cultural changes within organisations. Travellers are driven by satisfaction which prompts continuous product developments to enhance easy-to-use platforms. While travel and expense are two separate areas of expertise, they combine to drive that satisfaction.


To ensure that the relevant data is available in real time, the industry is pushing new integration technology to merge the best of both worlds: API integrations. These will become the new industry standard and answer your stakeholders’ needs for traveler satisfaction and safety. They also enable you to send travelers on the road with confidence.


By watching this webinar, you will learn about:

• The current travel and expense landscape

• Future looking trends to keep an eye on this year and beyond

• What an API is and the advantages it brings you

• Key considerations when selecting travel and expense management solutions